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Generous Life Compassionate Ministries serves the felt needs of the Tri-City community. Through various ministries we are able to reach out to people in need and let them know that the church cares for them and open up doors of friendship that would not otherwise open to us.

Please read further and learn about the various ministries of Generous Life Compassionate Ministries...


Basic Amenities Pantry

Or as it is know in the community, BAP serves a very basic "felt need" in our community. Generous Life started BAP at the request of a local compassionate ministry consortium in Fremont called Compassion Network. They saw a gap in services to citizens in financial need and called on Generous Life to fill that need.

BAP provides basic toiletries to people referred to us from Compassion Network. Each bag the we hand out is filled with toilet paper, tissue, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other essential items. The goal of BAP is to help those in need to stretch their dollars and cents from month to month.


Compassion Garden

The Compassion Garden used to be a plot of dirt that only good use was as overflow parking. In the fall of 2006 volunteers began to turn over the soil and plant vegetables in the first planting efforts of the garden. Over time the garden grew and became a great supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables to food ministries in our community.

On a regular basis, the Compassion Garden supplies ministries like the Milpitas Food Pantry and other Fremont based feeding programs with fresh fruits and vegetables to serve people needing help put food on their tables and in their stomachs.


Compassion Projects

In an effort to keep contact with the local church Generous Life hosts regular "Compassion Projects" with Fremont Journey of Faith. Past Compassion Projects have included:

  • Back To School: Every year families send their children back to school and sometimes those families need a little bit of help to get their kids back there with all of the required supplies. The Back To School drive provides children with the supplies that they need for the start of the school year.
  • Socks: The socks drive serves a very different group. Homeless men, women and children struggle when the weather turns cold and wet to stay healthy. One very simple item that can help them in that struggle is a pair of fresh and clean socks. The drive collects socks and then gives them to ministries that work directly with the homeless community.
  • Thanksgiving: When the holidays come around, they are generally looked on as a fun time spent with family. The Thanksgiving compassion project collects supplies for a full Thanksgiving dinner and shares them with families for whom making the full spread is tough.


Future Ministries

Generous Life Compassionate Ministries is always looking into the community to see where we can expand our ministry.



04.26.2011:  New Start Ministries

Fremont Journey of Faith recently added to its existing "Church Cluster". San Francisco New Start Ministries (NSM) is a church that Pastor Joe is very familiar with as he helped them to organize as a registered ministry in the Church of the Nazarene 2003. 

Is there value in attending church?

Absolutely.  At least once a week I need to go. Not out of a sense of duty or obligation but because it's just another place where I can meet with God and His people.

Wed Bible Study

You are invited to attend the Wednesday Bible study at 6:00 PM. 

We currently are studying Gospel according to Mark.  

Camino de Fe

04.26.2011:  Camino de Fe Weekly Schedule

Fremont Journey of Faith is a Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Lingual church. We offer Services and Ministries in English and Spanish. Camino de Fe is the name of our Spanish Language Ministry that is led by Pastor Rosa Palma. Camino de Fe meets at various time during the week: