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Journey Blast

2013-09-13: JourneyBlast

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:00 -- superadmin
There are a couple of things I wanted to let you know prior to Sunday, for those of you who will be here, and also for those who'll be traveling this weekend, so you won't miss out.
Basic Amenities Pantry - Great news; the Pantry re-opened on schedule this past Tuesday.  Pastor Jacque Hauser has volunteered to manage this important ministry for us and Pam Williams and Land Bishop have already joined in the task.  Pastor Robbie came in on Tuesday morning to provide some training.  Others have also volunteered to take part in it.
We have to be aware that by expanding the staff for this ministry and insuring that it will be open every week, we are going to see even more people come in.  That means we are going to need a LOT more pantry items to meet the need.  We started this week with a pretty full pantry and almost completely wiped it out.  We need as much as you can provide.  There are two ways to support this ministry.
First, you can bring the items in, either on Sunday (the BLUE bucket in the foyer), or during the week, directly to the office.  Tuesday and Wednesdays when the Pantry is opened and manned are the best times, but if you can call ahead (510-793-2100) to make sure that someone is available at the office, you can bring them by any time.
Second, you can make a financial contribution for this purpose.  Remember that the Pantry is technically a ministry of our New Beginnings ministry (soon to be renamed as Generous Life but right now under its old name) so any check for this purpose would need to be written to New Beginnings.  Please note on your check that this is for the Pantry ministry, as we have other funds in that ministry group.
Celebration of Children - We've already begun planning for this annual event on October 31.  We'll have theMETAL candy collection bin in the foyer this Sunday to start receiving wrapped candy.  We also need about $250 in cash donations to complete the planning of the event.  Anything you can contribute, in addition to the candy, will be appreciated.
Winter Coats and Shoes - We've done this particular collection off and on over the past few years, and it seems like it's time to do it again.  If you have gently used winter coats (sweaters and jackets are great, as well) and usable shoes you no longer wear, just bring them to church with you, beginning this Sunday.  The REDbucket in the foyer is for this collection.
Help a Student - On a personal note, our New Start Ministries congregation is doing some fund raising for the annual Winter Retreat for that congregation. I've agreed to fund raise for a doctoral candidate student who's just started her program in New Mexico and doesn't really have a community in which to fund raise for herself, yet.  On Wednesday evening, the attendees of the Life Lessons bible study gave $100 for this purpose and I'm trying to raise $110 more for Susanna La.  If you feel led to contribute to this, just see me on Sunday.
Additionally, New Start is going to be selling homemade cookie dough very soon for the same purpose.  In that fundraiser, I'll be selling cookie dough to help high school students from our Friday Night Fellowship group attend their first ever all church retreat.  It's an investment in some important lives, and your participation will not only be appreciated, it'll yield eternal diviends.
Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joe Shreffler
Fremont Journey of Faith, a Church of the Nazarene
San Francisco New Start Ministries, a Church of the Nazarene

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04.26.2011:  New Start Ministries

Fremont Journey of Faith recently added to its existing "Church Cluster". San Francisco New Start Ministries (NSM) is a church that Pastor Joe is very familiar with as he helped them to organize as a registered ministry in the Church of the Nazarene 2003. 

Is there value in attending church?

Absolutely.  At least once a week I need to go. Not out of a sense of duty or obligation but because it's just another place where I can meet with God and His people.

Camino de Fe

04.26.2011:  Camino de Fe Weekly Schedule

Fremont Journey of Faith is a Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Lingual church. We offer Services and Ministries in English and Spanish. Camino de Fe is the name of our Spanish Language Ministry that is led by Pastor Rosa Palma. Camino de Fe meets at various time during the week: