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For God so loved the world...

Which way do I go Lord?

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Generous Life

GLCM Mission

Generous Life Compassionate Ministries (GLCM) is the outreach arm of Fremont Journey of Faith. Through GLCM the local church body is serving a community in need everyday.


As Fremont Journey of Faith seeks to make a difference in our community, we are taking steps into this community with the hope that we will be able to serve the felt needs of the community

To do that, Fremont Journey of Faith has created a compassionate ministry center known as Generous Life Compassionate Ministries (GLCM). GLCM seeks to serve the felt needs within the community as we recognize them.

GLCM utilizes many different ministries to reach out to the community such as:

  • The Basic Amenities Pantry
  • The Compassion Garden
  • Seasonal Goods Drives

GLCM is also looking to provide more in depth, case-management services to specific groups that are at need in our community such as single mothers and South Asian Immigrants. As the community changes, GLCM desires to be at the front of the curve, standing in the gap for those that need aid.



04.26.2011:  New Start Ministries

Fremont Journey of Faith recently added to its existing "Church Cluster". San Francisco New Start Ministries (NSM) is a church that Pastor Joe is very familiar with as he helped them to organize as a registered ministry in the Church of the Nazarene 2003. 

Is there value in attending church?

Absolutely.  At least once a week I need to go. Not out of a sense of duty or obligation but because it's just another place where I can meet with God and His people.

Wed Bible Study

You are invited to attend the Wednesday Bible study at 6:00 PM. 

We currently are studying Gospel according to Mark.  

Camino de Fe

04.26.2011:  Camino de Fe Weekly Schedule

Fremont Journey of Faith is a Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Lingual church. We offer Services and Ministries in English and Spanish. Camino de Fe is the name of our Spanish Language Ministry that is led by Pastor Rosa Palma. Camino de Fe meets at various time during the week: